Let’s Take the Family Meals Challenge!

Let’s use this app to challenge our families to build up the number of family meals we enjoy together!

The research shows that children and teens really thrive when we reach the habit of at least five family meals weekly.

Five seems to be a tipping point to receiving the benefits of family meals.

Can you reach 5 Family Meals per week for 3 weeks in a row?

Family Meals Challenge Instructions

Let`s summarize how to take the Family Meals Challenge:

Visit this website when you have time to pick up where you left off. You will receive optional text or email reminders throughout the Challenge to encourage you.
Tip: Bookmark this website or save the home page as a shortcut on your phone.

1. We will start week 1 now.

(Choose either today or tomorrow as the start day.)

Which day will you start?

2. Estimate your “before” number.

How many meals per week do you eat with your family now?

3.Would you like to receive reminders for the meals?

4. What is your email and texting phone number?

Look for the emails or texts each day to track your progress.